University of Macau Development Foundation Scholarship and Fellowship for Faculty of Education 2021

Application Deadline: 2 July 2021

Type of Award Quota per Academic Year Amount for Each Student Eligibility Major Considerations Application


FED Fellowship for Financial Difficulties

3 MOP20,000 1. FED full-time Bachelor degree

2. Local students

1. Family economic situation*;

2. Applicant’s self-statement.

FED/Form/031- A


FED Scholarship for Outstanding Student Teacher

4 MOP10,000 1. FED full-time Bachelor degree

2. Year-4 students

1. Reference Form^ from TP supervisors and TP school mentors;

2. TP performance;

3. Preparation of lesson plans;

4. Applicant’s self-statement.

FED/Form/031- B

FED Scholarship for Whole Person Development

2 MOP10,000 1. FED full-time Bachelor degree

2. Year-3 students

1. Performance in the Whole Person Development Award Program in the past 3 years (academic-related activities will be given higher priority);

2. Winners of competitions representing FED, UM, Macao or China in the past three years;

3. Applicant’s self-statement.

FED/Form/031- C

FED Scholarship for Outstanding Service

2 MOP10,000 1. FED full-time Bachelor degree students 1. List of services provided during the academic year 2020/2021;

2. Positions in the related services;

3. Applicant’s self-statement.

FED/Form/031- D

FED Scholarship for Outstanding Teaching Assistant

2 MOP10,000 1. FED Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (TA) subsidized by FED budget in the current year 1. Recommendation letter from the Supervisor;

2. Assistance in FED’s events;

3. Applicant’s self-statement.

FED/Form/031- E

FED Scholarship for Outstanding MEd Thesis

2 MOP10,000 1. FED Master students (year-2/year-3);

2. Completion of oral defense

1. Quality of the thesis writing FED/Form/031- F

FED Scholarship for Outstanding Postgraduate Research Outcomes

2 MOP10,000 1. FED Postgraduate students 1. Publications in high quality journals (e.g., SSCI, TSSCI, SCI, AHCI, etc.);

2. Journal impact factor;

3. Order of the authorship.

FED/Form/031- G

* Additional Document Requirements:
1. Declaration of No Income, or Declaration of Average Monthly Household Income.
(Link: https://um2.umac.mo/apps/com/umdoc.nsf/refno/D7DD8D04C1CF3B764825799900312732)
2. Applicant’s self-statement about the family financial situation; necessary evidence should be provided.

^ Reference Letter:
Please use the “Reference Form for UMDF Scholarship and Fellowship – FED Scholarship for Outstanding Student Teacher” prepared by FED General Office.

Remarks: Each successful applicant is entitled to receive a maximum of two types of award above.

Interested party please send the application form together with respective required documents in ONE PDF document to email: fed_prog@um.edu.mo by 2 July 2021 at 23:59 (Macau time).  Late application will NOT be considered.

Please note that the said application is only eligible to FED students with valid student status in AY2020/2021 and the application materials should base on the records in AY2020/2021.

Should you have any enquiry please do not hesitate to contact our administrative staff Maggie / Alan for assistance. Maggie / Alan can be reached via email: maggieng@um.edu.mo / alanchang@um.edu.mo or by phone: +853 8822 8775 / +853 8822 4109.